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Her Truth be Told - J. J. Caldwell - Seaje' Hair & Body Care

Her Truth be Told - J. J. Caldwell

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Truth. Notoriously hard to discover and once found, difficult to handle. As dreams fall apart, Peyton’s love turns to rage, Kenosha exorcises her demons and Onyx explores her sexuality. Hearts desires are revealed while many shocking secrets and truths come to light in the third installment of the Stages of a Woman collection, Her Truth be Told.

Her Truth be Told is a collection of short stories that presents love, life and loss from the perspective of subjective truth. Each woman has a story to tell, her side of the truth, which is wholly accurate, sometimes in her eyes alone. New and old beloved characters have tales to share as they continue to bear their souls, in hopes of further finding and validating their truth. These compelling women unburden themselves of family secrets, covered lusts and haunting generational curses… hoping that the truth will finally set them free.